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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This Needs to Be Read

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Outsider is Now IN!

The Trump campaign was heralded as part of the war against the establishment, but somehow they have hijacked the power of his campaign.  Blocking the roll-call vote cemented in the power for Reince and now Trumps staff has been taken over by Dole advisers and liberal friends of the candidate.

Cruz was set up by Trump and the RNC. It benefited Trump to no longer have his rival and it benefited the RNC to silence a trouble-maker leader of the anti-establishment. Trump officially suspended his agreement to support the next candidate where it not to be him in March on the 29th.  He further stated he would not hold Cruz to any promise of support. Cruz’s speech and confirmation that he would not be endorsing was reviewed by the Trump team and approved.  Trump’s entrance was planned to coincide with the end of Cruz’s speech and shouts of “Endorse” that were coerced by Trump acolytes moving through the crowd, marked with brightly colored hats so that you know they are poison.

If we are to support Trump, we cannot do so on face value.  We will need to hold him accountable for every promise and educate him on the dangers of Tariffs and the value of NATO. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Don't Let Your Ambition Be Minimum

You can't and shouldn't live on minimum wage. It's minimum.

If you stop there, you will eventually starve.

If you stop there, then you SHOULD starve as it will motivate you to NOT stop there, but rather do whatever you must to move up and or out.

If we make the minimum too comfortable, then too many people will stay right there and block others from having the entry level start that they are holding.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Take Care of Me

Alexis De Tocqueville warned that we would know the end of our unique system by the growth of soft tyranny where we transition to a new system, the nanny state. Here we are just over 2 centuries later with people cheering for the government to take care of all their needs and release them of all worry.  

In exchange, you need only vote for the party of individuals that are promoting those programs.  Not seeing that quality of service will always go down in a race with the level that expense goes up.  

How soon before they take our paychecks and give us an allowance? 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Operating System for Life

DNA is the most advanced code every written. It can be looked at by strand, but it can also be built into dimensional structure of code. It is light years past our present understanding, though we learn more every day.

Information does not happen spontaneously. You also need the means to translate, act upon and maintain.  You could have a DVD, but without the code written on it, the drive that reads it and the machine that does the operation, you have nothing.

We need to start with programming. Our programming is what tells our cells how to grow. The genetic programs RNA and DNA contain these instructions. That information needs protection so their genome doesn't degrade in whatever the environment. That would be the lipid membrane.

They also need the machinery to transform chemical energy into metabolic energy so they can replicate. Pre-existing proteins are needed to catalyze the reactions of metabolism and replication of the machinery. The synthesis of proteins depends on  different pre-existing proteins and the ribosome which is like a small factory.

Take away any of these components and life doesn't exist. All this complexity is required at the same time and place for the simplest single-celled life.

It doesn't stop there. The DNA information must be decoded. The ribosome is what does it, but the instructions to build ribosomes are on the DNA. The decoding also requires energy from ATP, built by ATP-synthase motors, built from instructions in the DNA decoded by ribosomes. This interdependence rules out chance.

Functional information has never been observed to arise by physical interaction alone. Matter cannot think and cannot produce information.

Dr. Michael Denton(a microbiologist) wrote: "The complexity of the simplest known type of cell is so great that it is impossible to accept that such an object could have been thrown together suddenly by some kind of freakish, vastly improbable event. Such an occurrence would be indistinguishable from a miracle"

In a recent Journal in Frontiers in Genetics, part of the US Library of Medicine, new findings on dual-gene codes are showing more complexity than previously imagined. What was once thought to be redundant information is now being recognized as secondary coding for another protein. Another cellular language that the ribosome interprets that tells it to pause and regulate the rate of protein production, allowing it to fold the protein into a 3 dimensional shape. So one layer of info tells it what kind and the other gives various shapes for the protein structure, but both sets of info are in the same section of DNA. The authors of the journal entry are not creationists, but state their findings in the context of complex intelligent design.

Mutations do not add information to this complex process. When you look at the human genome, the number of mutations is increasing form each generation. The DNA copying process has its own repair system, but the random single-character misspellings, deletions, insertions, duplication, trans-locations and inversions happen frequently. When matched with a mate that has the same mutation, you may have more serious problems like genetic diseases or birth defects. We can trace family lineage and generation by these mutations. The farther you go back, the less you find. This can be verified in a 2009 article in Nature, Human Mutation Rate Revealed. Elie Dolgin states, “Every time human DNA is passed from one generation to the next it accumulates 100–200 new mutations, according to a DNA-sequencing analysis of the Y chromosome.” 

“Mutations are word-processing errors in the cell’s instruction manual. Mutations systematically destroy genetic information—even as word processing errors destroy written information. While there are some rare beneficial mutations (even as there are rare beneficial misspellings), bad mutations outnumber them—perhaps by a million to one. So even allowing for beneficial mutations, the net effect of mutation is overwhelmingly deleterious. The more the mutations, the less the information. This is fundamental to the mutation process.” –Dr. John Sanford, Geneticist.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Babel On

Have you ever thought about how regions and groups of people were named?

Noah’s 1st mentioned grandson, Gomer, moved to what is now Turkey. His descendants were known as Gomerites and later Gauls and Galatians. They later spread into France and Spain. For centuries France was called Gaul and North-west Spain is called Galicia to this day. According to Welsh historians, some of went to Wales. J. Davis, says they ‘landed on the Isle of Britain from France, about three hundred years after the flood’ and the Welsh language is called Gomeraeg (after their ancestor Gomer).

We can trace the lineages of every major group by DNA back to the cradle of civilization just as their ancestors profess. The Encyclopedia Britannica says that the Armenians traditionally claim to be descended from Togarmah and Ashkenaz, which is the Hebrew word for Germany.  They were 2 of the 3 sons of Gomer.

As people spread out across the globe, they lost certain traits that were once shared in the original DNA.  Once no one in that area carried that trait, it was lost and many characteristics became more defined and distinct.  

Now we have come back together in this great country, those lost traits may be once again introduced into your lineage.   Our melting pot has more than the ability to blend.  It has the ability to give us what we were missing on so many levels.  

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