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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Us Against Them

My faith still lies in the democratic republic system that we have, thanks to the founders and the great philosophers whose ideas were borrowed to lend to a system that truly worked.

The conservative movement that is happening right now is SO important. There are elitists in BOTH parties. The elites are the ones that think they should make ALL of the decisions. Some have this idea based on their education and some by status of birth. They don't believe the common man capable of taking care of themselves, making their own decisions. With each generation we become more dependent, thereby being closer to acting in the manner the elites believed.

The elites in the Republican Party gave us candidates like Bush the elder, Bob Dole, McCain. However, they are not the majority in our country or in the Republican Party. Conservatives make up the largest segment of the population. The last poll had them at 43%(not all Repb.).

The conservative movement is REtaking the Republican Party. I don't follow personalities. I believe in principles. If you follow great leaders, they will always let you down. They are only one, JC.

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