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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Redefining America

The Left has taken a remarkable tact in dominating how we think.    If we take the etymology of liberty:

And compare it with the etymology of liberal:

We find that they have changed the definition to the polar opposite of  its roots in freedom to one that gives up freedom or liberty to the State and makes us the wards whether wanted or not.

Now, they have a new Ruler that continues this method to the extremes.

Obama's plan for peace is to bomb people we don't know that are trying to escape totalitarian Islamic regimes, send money and arms to Radical Muslims that believe they can issue in their Mahdi by starting World War III.

Obama's jobs plan has put more people OUT of work than can find it.

And NOW, in his latest en devour, Obama has created a healthcare system that has taken health coverage AWAY from people and made it nearly impossible to replace.   If they are among the few successful, they can look forward to higher rates, higher deductibles, and lower quality as Doctors will be forced to take less patients while being reimbursed less.   If we use Medicare as the example, many Doctors can't afford to provide the services as they will lose money on their time.

So, what has REALLY been redefined is failure:

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