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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Conservative vs. Liberal

Promotes equal justice.

Promotes social justice.
Competition is good.
Competition is unfair.

Supports lower taxes.
Supports progressive taxation with high taxes for the rich.
Less government is better. Wants only necessary regulation of business, economy, and individual lives, resulting in more freedom.

More government is better. Many regulations are necessary to achieve a more fair & just society which is government’s primary role, resulting in less freedom.

Limited federal government with more power given to state and local governments.
Powerful centralized federal government with limited state and local control.
People and property rights are more important than environment. Supports conservation and development and use of our natural resources along with the development of green technology by private enterprise and when it is economically feasible and self-sustaining. Opposes cap and trade due to its high cost and negative impact on our businesses and way of life. 
Environment more important than people and property rights. Supports rationing and limiting access to natural resources. Focuses on green technology subsidized by the government. Supports cap and trade.   

Wealth is good. All have an opportunity to be wealthy. Creates a better life for all through entrepreneurship.

Wealth is bad and unfair. Promotes class warfare.
Equal opportunity without discrimination. Same access for all. Recognizes people make different choices with what they have. Doesn’t seek equal outcomes.

Equal results through such things as quotas and equal pay for unequal work. Have to level the playing field in order to have equal opportunity. Seeks equal outcomes.

Judicial restraint with strict interpretation of laws according to the Constitution and original intent.
Judicial activism: enacting social policy changes via court rulings. Constitution is seen as outdated and in need of change.
Free market economy. Free market creates jobs.

Government regulation of economy. Government creates jobs.

Business is good: creates jobs & improves lives. Give freedom for them to do what they do best. Let free market supply and demand adjust practices. Let employers and employees negotiate benefits.

Business is evil: out to exploit employees, environment, and consumers. Needs to be regulated to protect consumers, employees, and the environment. Government regulates employee benefits.

Traditional morality, including traditional family and values. Absolute standards of right and wrong. Absolute truth. Sees standing against wrong as a moral duty.

Tolerance of all lifestyles & beliefs except those that hold beliefs they consider to be politically incorrect like pro-life Christians. No absolute standards of right and wrong. Moral relativism.

Right to free speech must be supported even if it offends.
Right to free speech is limited to speech that does not offend. (Political correctness)

Peace through strength via a strong military.  
Peace through appeasement, cooperation, and understanding others' views. Dislikes showing and exercising strength.             
Supports a missile defense system.

Opposes a missile defense system.
American sovereignty comes before globalism.

Globalism comes before American sovereignty.
Sees America as good: the best hope for the world. Believes in American exceptionalism.
Sees America as flawed: racist, homophobic, imperialistic, sexist, ageist and no better than other countries.

Western cultures are superior to others without rights, freedom, and respect for life.

All cultures are equal. Can’t pass judgment on any even if they don’t value freedom, rights, and life.
God is a necessary part of a good society. Religion makes people good.
State is secular (without God). Seeks to eliminate all references of God.

Rights emphasized: Freedom, Parental, Property, Religious, Guns, Life.

Rights emphasized: Civil, Privacy, Secularism, and Reproductive.

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