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Monday, April 20, 2009

Brief Statement on the Bailout.

-- For the conservative, Bush was wrong in bailing out Companies as urged by Obama. Obama is expanding the bad policy. GM was/is mostly in trouble due to the overwhelming amount of retired employees that they must continue to support. This is compounded by the rise in oil prices and then even further by the banking crisis that started with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

----When government controls the means of production and the administration there of, then we call this Socialism. Is this a loan or an investment? Usually the guidelines of a loan are put there to insure that the company or individual will have the means to pay it back. Which leads to my next point.

--- GM had 20 units that were making a profit. Of those, 11 were Trucks/SUVs. The "suggestions" from Obama's had none of these units in mind. The suggestions being made would put them further in debt. They already had hybrids and econocars available. You can't force people to buy them.

--- The money is not OURS, it’s being borrowed from the next generation, our children. Fix the problem themselves or file for bankruptcy should have been the only choices

---If they spend the money like Democrats, then they will fail.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Can we be colorblind?

One of the tenets of Conservatism is that policies can only be fair when they are aimed at the individual, not giving weight to one group over the other.

Look at all the different classifications we are grouped into.

My children are the perfect example of our nations "Melting Pot" as it was once called. They are a mixture of their mother's DNA which ranges from African descent to Sioux and Cherokee and mine which is Scottish, Norwegian, German and the like.

On their school applications, under race I checked "other" and wrote in "human."

"Race" is not an accurate label for the divisions within Mankind. We are the human race. If we were truly different races, then we would not be able to inter breed, period.

What separates us is which direction our ancestors moved as they spread out across the globe and which traits were better suited in that area. That is it.

Now we have a government that We the People need to guide away from classifying people and start writing policy that treats all the same. Aside from "special needs" which we only need to be logical about.

I'm speaking generally of course. If two people are in the same situation with the only difference being skin color, then policy written for said situation cannot favor one over the other. PERIOD.

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