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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nothin Up My Sleeve…… Just Glad I Still Have a Shirt!

Did you see that? No, you missed it didn't you? It's all slight of hand. You thought it was about health care and the economy. You didn't see the control factor in his other hand. He's not fixing anything. He knows it. Watch again. No, too slow. You missed it. Oops!! You've lost your freedom. Dumb-ass.
As I watch this slick snake oil salesman, I keep thinking, “are we almost to the part where you say that you won't fall for that again”???
The facts are as such: No Government program has worked as intended and NONE has stayed within the budget guidelines or has even come close.
So, why do we keep falling for their sales spiel? Just like some late-night INTERNET millions ad, you keep buying it!!!
This time they've gone too far. Our elected officials are not even given time to read the bills before they are expected to vote. HOWEVER, “We the People” have started to pay more attention. We have even started reading the bills, rather then taking their word for it.
Now they'd like to make you think it's just Republicans that oppose these bills, namely the Health Care bill and the Stimulus Packages. Not true. There are fiscal conservatives in both parties.
JOE LIEBERMAN: I don't agree. Premiums will go up. When people hear "public option" I think they think it's for free. It's not for free. Somebody's going to have to pay for it, and you can bet it's going to be the taxpayers and the people who pay health insurance premiums now.
It's up to us to take what they promise and compare it with what is in the bill that they write. If it doesn't match up (and it won't), then we need to call them on it.
So, if Democrats (the leadership) aren't trying to fix things, then WHAT???
Here's what they do. They create programs that they control. They get as many people addicted to the programs. This is there real voter base. Once you are hooked, you are not going to vote for the person that wants to end your program.
Obama is taking it one step further by creating the circumstances to hasten your move to dependence. Slavery won't come again as a revolution, it will sneak up on you.
No, there's nothing up my sleeve…. or in my pocket…… or my wallet. Progressive seems to means Negative Progress.

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