Yoga BURN! for Women

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Running to another checkmark in my task list, I weave across the halted traffic and feeling like a monochrome version of myself as I’m deep in thought over the things I should have done.  My glance veers from where I’m heading to back across the street and where I would have been, had I pressed forward instead of parrying left.  My eyes catch yours and lock.  I’m suddenly transported through time with no machine or ability to stop.  I somehow continue to cross through the traffic, but I don’t remember how the safe passage was completed.  I’m now in an endless fall day many years ago when I last saw my reflection in those same eyes.  Memories flood back, not of events, but rather the sensations; the smell and taste of your skin, not too salty, but fresh with a hint of soap as I steadily explored and sampled with all of my senses.   A rush of breath and energy as adrenaline grew, heart raced faster, yet time stood still and promised forever.  Somehow forever had ended with no explanation.  Why were we forced to move from that one point?  What could have been more important?  As suddenly as my present surroundings had disappeared, they come rushing back and my journey continues.  The checkmarks fall and memories fade.

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