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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Modern Caste System

When I take my list of friends in life and look at the “Winners and Losers” based on income, there is no correlation with the cultural groups that they are identified with or self-identified as.  Some make more, some make less, some are happy doing what they want while others do whatever is necessary to earn more; some made poor choices, some had paths that led to success.  

The left wants to put everyone in groups, ascribe protected status and victim-hood then pit them against those groups they deem privileged.  In my list of friends, some that have had the most privilege have failed to the greatest degree, while some of those that have faced the MOST hardship have gone on to the highest levels of measurable success.

If you go far enough back, our ancestors all got off the same boat.  Different cultures developed along the way as they separated out.  It is great to take note, remember and teach those aspects of life, but not to let them hold us to a category.

We need to shed the modern caste system that is promoted by the left and teach individualism, self-motivation and self-reliance.  Victim-hood, especially based on superficial classifications, must not continue to be the rule or become the NEW culture. 

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