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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is the Bible Relevant Today?

The Alpha and the Omega, our God is AT the beginning and the end and ALL that is in between as he is outside of the timeline. He has given us this manual for living. In it's pages you find advice on dealing with others, dealing with money, proper thinking, and motivation.

The history contained in the Bible shows us examples and informs us how things came to be. For generations people have attempted to disprove the Bible and in doing so have added to the evidence that supports it. French philosopher Voltaire bragged that within a hundred years the Bible would have passed into the mists of history as people became more liberated and enlightened. That time has come and gone while most have forgotten him and the Bible has continued to inspire.

It is a book that not only tells us what happened, but what WILL happen. Even today, prophesies are fulfilled. Who would have believed Israel would become a nation once more after being dispersed throughout the world. Who believes that the Temple will be rebuilt? It will. We don't know how yet, but it will. What does the future hold for us? It is all foretold as it now unveils in front of us. What book could be MORE relevant?

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