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Monday, November 7, 2011

God vs. Aliens

There are incredibly complex circumstances that provide life for us here, add to that the common design and the programming involved in DNA, you would need to come to the conclusion of a Creator. The Bible has an explanation for aliens or the false gods of other religions. They are called the Nephilim.

The religions of the world have common themes. As men spread out from their origin, they took the information with them. Those that didn't stay in communion with God lost parts of the truth. Kinda like when you line up kids and have them pass a secret down the line. However, God kept a lineage supplied with the truth and kept contact with them. So, world religions all have SOME truth, but the Bible is the line of prophets and people with whom He continued to supply knowledge.  The others have filled in the blanks with the wisdom of man.  Some better than others.  Some received knowledge from other sources and lead you away and to destruction

The Universe had a beginning. Space and Time had a beginning. Everything is wearing down. The laws and constants of the Universe have been fine tuned for human life. There is digital code embedded in the DNA molecule in every cell. It could not develop on it's own and aliens would ALSO require DNA which could not develop on it's own.

SETI spent MILLIONS of dollars and years listening for ET. At one time, they had heard a simple radio emission from a pulsar and thought it was some kind of intelligence. It turned out to be just one of the natural radio waves that pulsars produce.  The earth produces these as well.  You can hear some samples on the site of NASA.

Billions of years? That doesn't match up with the evidence. The fact that we still have comets, we haven't lost the moon which drifts about 2in away every year, or the sun as it is shrinking at a rate that makes billions of years impossible.

Just these few general ideas should make you question the currently accepted theories as well as the more spacey ones.

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