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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Outsider is Now IN!

The Trump campaign was heralded as part of the war against the establishment, but somehow they have hijacked the power of his campaign.  Blocking the roll-call vote cemented in the power for Reince and now Trumps staff has been taken over by Dole advisers and liberal friends of the candidate.

Cruz was set up by Trump and the RNC. It benefited Trump to no longer have his rival and it benefited the RNC to silence a trouble-maker leader of the anti-establishment. Trump officially suspended his agreement to support the next candidate where it not to be him in March on the 29th.  He further stated he would not hold Cruz to any promise of support. Cruz’s speech and confirmation that he would not be endorsing was reviewed by the Trump team and approved.  Trump’s entrance was planned to coincide with the end of Cruz’s speech and shouts of “Endorse” that were coerced by Trump acolytes moving through the crowd, marked with brightly colored hats so that you know they are poison.

If we are to support Trump, we cannot do so on face value.  We will need to hold him accountable for every promise and educate him on the dangers of Tariffs and the value of NATO. 

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