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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Those That Can't, Teach

So, if you make a product, the chances are you want to get it in as many stores as possible.  If you make a car, you want to get it in as many dealerships as possible.   The dealers BUY your cars and SELL them to the people that saw your commercial and are interested in your product.  You don't pay the dealers to do this.  They work for the difference between what they buy it for and how much they mark it up.

Does everyone pretty much understand this concept?  

Now, if you make cars  and you want to sell more, you make products that the consumer WANTS.  You improve the cars they like, build new and innovative models and discontinue models that they don't want.  

Does everyone pretty much understand this concept?

If you want to save a company in trouble, you change what is causing them to go under.

Does everyone pretty much understand this concept?

Knowing these 3 concepts, let's take a look at GM's bailout.   GM was forced to cutoff many dealerships that cost them nothing and yet acted as the conduit for getting their cars to consumers.   GM was forced to promote an all electric vehicle in markets where there was no real demand.   GM was given enough money to pay the unions that were sucking off all the profits.  They continued to pay more and more to people that worked a number of years and then retired.  In other words, they are paying people to NOT build cars.  That number of non-workers has been growing to the point that GM CAN NO LONGER MAKE A PROFIT.   

This same genius whose team came up with this plan for saving GM is now seeking a second term while claiming that his policies WORK.   

He can ONLY make this claim stick if it was his intention ruin our economy.  

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