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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Babel On

Have you ever thought about how regions and groups of people were named?

Noah’s 1st mentioned grandson, Gomer, moved to what is now Turkey. His descendants were known as Gomerites and later Gauls and Galatians. They later spread into France and Spain. For centuries France was called Gaul and North-west Spain is called Galicia to this day. According to Welsh historians, some of went to Wales. J. Davis, says they ‘landed on the Isle of Britain from France, about three hundred years after the flood’ and the Welsh language is called Gomeraeg (after their ancestor Gomer).

We can trace the lineages of every major group by DNA back to the cradle of civilization just as their ancestors profess. The Encyclopedia Britannica says that the Armenians traditionally claim to be descended from Togarmah and Ashkenaz, which is the Hebrew word for Germany.  They were 2 of the 3 sons of Gomer.

As people spread out across the globe, they lost certain traits that were once shared in the original DNA.  Once no one in that area carried that trait, it was lost and many characteristics became more defined and distinct.  

Now we have come back together in this great country, those lost traits may be once again introduced into your lineage.   Our melting pot has more than the ability to blend.  It has the ability to give us what we were missing on so many levels.  

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